minimalistic / surprising / airplane wing

Concorde, the first aluminium stair


The Concorde, with a timeless design, is at his best when seen from the front. You look right through him. The material aluminium is neutral and doesn't demand the attention. As a result the Concorde fits in many different interiors. His favourite position is right in front of the entrance, welcoming the visitors with his endearing charm.

At the back the steps are 6 times higher than at the front, which is almost invisible because of the shape of an airplane wing. This design guarantees a very solid stair.

The rubber antiskid strip at the front of the steps gives the user extra security.

The stringers as well as the steps are 100% made of aluminium. De hard top top layer (anodisation) protects the stair against scratches and makes it easy to maintain.

As an option the Concorde can be closed at the back with a plate of plexi or aluminium.

Design stair Concorde Project Colman

The customer asked for a timeless stair in his modern villa. We installed a 100% aluminium Concorde stair. De hard top layer (anodization) protects the stair against scratches.

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Design stair Concorde at the family De Caluwé-Philips

In the center of the new home of Astrid and Sven is a staircase project with Concorde, a glass bridge and AluGlas balustrades. Transparency was the goal, from the very beginning, when dreaming and planning their new home. The lightweight aluminum staircases let the light coming from top to bottom come free.

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Design stair Concorde Project Wattergniaux

The moment our customer found our website, he fell in love with our Concorde stair. This staircase would fit really well in his minimailstic project. And yes indeed. The white walls and the aluminium stair, pure and refined, are made for each other.

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Design stair Concorde Project Hamers

In their modern house the family hamers asked us to install a from the outside visible project with landings, bridges and aluminium Concorde stairs.

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Design stair Concorde Project De Schuyter

Our customers wanted the very best for his tenants, aesthetically as well as in terms of quality, all fitting in a realistic budget. So, he got in contact with the people of Graah, for a few stairs with balustrades and landings.

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Closed design stair Concorde Project Bekaert

We closed this staircas with a plexi plate. The illumination behind the staircase is responsible for the waaaaw effect. Instead of putting glass in the AluGlass balustrade we did it with a made-to-measure design in polycarbonate.

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Design stair Concorde Project Dommisse

This was not an easy poject. The hous is build up around a steel construction, that also carries the stairs, the landing and the balustrades. Long before installation we provided the construction company our drawings that have been integrated in their plans. In the factory all the holes we needed to fix our products were already made, very precise.

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Design stair Concorde Project Jacquemin

The staircase looks very neutral, in an environment with a lot of wood and lots of colors.

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Design stair Project Concorde1

For this client transparency was super important. Thanks to this quality of the Concorde the light can play around in this space.

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Design stair Concorde Project Bamps

In this architects office with a lot of colors our staircases, lanidng and balustrades show a humble attitude.

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Design stair Concorde Project Antonissen

The Concorde with stainless steel balustrades really fits in this modern house in Brussels.

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Design stair Concorde Project Martens

In this nice living room, with timeless design furniture, our Concorde is showing her great class.

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Design stair Concorde Project Van de Woestijne

In this old mill the family Van de Woestijne realized a fantastic project, with respect for the past but also with some very modern elements.

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Design stair Project Concorde2

The timeless Concorde staircase adapts himself to the environment. The natural colored anodization protects the staircase against scratches.

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Design stair Project Concorde3

In the Netherlands, in Ijburg, you can find this project with Concorde and landing with glass.

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Design stair Concorde Project De Prest

In his printing office the customer wanted a very discrete staircase of high quality. And so, he took the Concorde, very transparant, especially with the full glass Vision balustrade. After so many years, the staircase still looks brand new, thanks to anodized top layer of the aluminium steps.

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Design stair Concorde Project Verplancke

The customer told us: "Give us a light, transparant staircase with a light bridge-landing-combination. And don't forget the balustrades."

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Design stair Concorde at the company Hokatrans

Hokatrans is an animal crematorium. The atmosphere is serene. People come there to say goodbye to their beloved pet. The interior also exudes that atmosphere of serenity. In a corner, with little space, we managed to place a combination of stairs and landings.

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Design stair Concorde Project Corten

Rudy Corten and his wife wanted to make their house a lot bigger by decorating the attic. But it had to be easily accessible, and preferably with a transparent design staircase.

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Design stair Concorde Project Leon

At the ground floor the house has big windows, giving a lot of natural light. Downstair there are no windows. Thakns to the transparant the natural light reaches also the cellar. Living downstairs has become so much nicer.

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Design stair Concorde Project De Witte

Four steps up, turn left on the landing and then 12 steps to the next floor. Much more comfort than with a quarterturn and also a lot safer.

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Design stair Project Concorde4

After the installation of the staircase there is still a lot of free espace in the entrance hall of this house. The stair leads us to a bridge going from one wall to another. The LED strip between staircase and wall gives a nice and discrete effect.

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Design stair Project Concorde5

Between 2 very straight walls we could easily pull up our staircase Concorde. Not visible on the pictures: there is a lot of space behind the staircase. Space we need, because we cannot turn the stair in between the 2 walls.

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Design stair Project Concorde6

You can make access to your staircase so much easier if you let the balustrade start at the 3rd step. For his project the customer wanted a full glass Vision balustrade. He wanted the bolts to be visible. If you don't want to see thess bolts, we can hide them easily.

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Closed design stair Concorde Project Gauwe

The stair brings us to the next floor and boack down but also closes the basement. The customer wanted a light solution. Judge yourself. The customer is very happy with the result.

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Design stair Concorde at the company Muylle Engineering

Architect Marleen Salomez was looking for a light construction in de newe offices from her client Muylle, with aluminium and with glass landings. She didn't want any posts supporting the landings. This was possible because the customer integrated steel anchors in the concrete walls.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Europa Cuisson

The boss of Europa Cuisson had enough of the typical industrial steel staircase at the entrance of his food company. He wanted to give an upgrade to the image of Europa Cuisson. So, he renovated the building.

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Design stair Concorde in the offices of Patrimonia

Family Office Patrimonia was looking for a staircase project at the same high quality level of the service they offer their own clients.

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Design stair Concorde in the Jozijna Kliniek

In the cosmetic hospital of esthteic doctor Jozijna van der Meij patients are taking our stairs with landings to go for their esthetic treatment.

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Design stair Concorde in an office

Central in the office we installed our Concorde staircase The stair offers extreme transparency and lightness, both at the front and the back, as well as on the left and right.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Radco

The Concorde staircas has a width of 1,2 meter but is still very light and modest.

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Design stair Concorde in a fitness

The concorde staircase feels at home between the fitness equipment.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Redactio

Redactio is specialized in SEO texts for websites. Every day the employees use the Concorde stair to go to their office.

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Design stair Concorde in the Spity Hotel

The Spity hotel (4*) in Nice (France) is a modern hotel in a very original building. You can find the hotel in the centre of the city at 25 minutes walking from the Promenade des Anglais. Spity has its own private beach with bar. We installed our Concorde staircase in the middle of the entrance hall.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Lamett Europe

Lamett Europe manufactures parquet. In only 15 years they became one of the most important parquet companies. In their headquarters we installed a Concorde stair next to a fantastic light wall.

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Outdoor stair Concorde Project Château de Wanfercée

This castle in Wanfercée-Baulet is classified. Restoring it took many years. Next to the castle the owners installed a conservatory. In between we installed a monumental but still very light and tranparant staircase.

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  • inspired on an airplane wing
  • rounding at the front 10 and at the back 60 mm section
  • depth 260 mm, width maximum 1200 mm


  • massif aluminium
  • 220 x 10 mm for a maximum of 15 steps, 250 x 10 mm from 16 steps

the combination:

  • construction made to measure
  • maximum 300 kg/m²
  • scratch resistant
  • easy to clean with a moist cloth


  • can be combined with balustrades made out of stainless steel, aluminium-glass or full glass

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