Outdoor stairs

Top quality for outside use thanks to the anodized aluminium

Outdoor stairs

A beautiful appearance and a nice design for your outdoor stair are important to you, without forgetting good quality and sustainability? No wonder you end up with a Graah solution.

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our outdoor staircases.

Outdoor stair Triangle with Casadecor

Barcelona is situated at the seaside, with a lot of salt in the air. No problem for Triangle, thanks to its anodized aluminium profiles.

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Outdoor stair Project Triangle9

In Northern France a customer wanted a design topper as his outdoor staircase. High quality and anti slip were the main arguments for him to choose for the Graah solution.

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Outdoor stair Triangle at Grave

Michel Grave chose the Triangle staircase as the modern solution he was looking for, bringing him to his conservatory.

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Outdoor stair Concorde Project Château de Wanfercée

This castle in Wanfercée-Baulet is classified. Restoring it took many years. Next to the castle the owners installed a conservatory. In between we installed a monumental but still very light and tranparant staircase.

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Metal outdoor staircases

Outside nature can be hard for furniture and staircases: wind, dust, salt at the sea side, water, humidity, ... You should take this into consideration if you want to invest in an outdoor staircase, unless you want to buy each few years a new one.

Galvanized steel could be a good solution.

But if aesthetics and nice design are also important for you, it becomes difficult to find a good solution.

The outdoor stairs of Graah might be a better choice for you. The anodization protects the stairs against scratches.

You want a lacquered staircase

At the company we have a professional powder coating line and a large stock of different colors. The powder coating we use is very resistant to intensive use of your stair.
You have the choice between more than 6000 different colors. If you give us the RAL code of your windows and/or doors, we will lacquer your staircase in exactly the same color.

At Graah we strongly recommend anodized (and not lacquered) aluminium stairs for outdoor.

Looking for a top design outdoor staircase?

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