Straight company stairs

Made out of aluminium, anodized or lacquered, with glass, wood, stone, ...

Straight company stairs

Are you looking for a straight staircase for your company, Graah might have a good solution for you. We make our strais with aluminium profiles. They can be lacquered or they can be anodized.

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our straight company stairs.

Design stair Concorde in the ITO tower

This famous building at the Gustav Mahlerplein has 25 floors (and 2 parking floors undergorund). Architect = Toyo Ito

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Modern stair Triangle at the company Thielemans

In their showroom the owners of the company Thielemans wanted to have a light looking an high quality staircase.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Lamett Europe

Lamett Europe manufactures parquet. In only 15 years they became one of the most important parquet companies. In their headquarters we installed a Concorde stair next to a fantastic light wall.

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Large company stair Concorde XL in the hospital ZOL

Central in the entrance hall of the hospital Zuid-Oost-Limburg a Concorde XL staircase is welcoming the visitors. Every day hunderds of people use the staircase. No problem for an aluminium Graah staircase. The hard anodisation top protects the steps against scratches, much better than a laquered stair. Width of this super solid stair = 1,8 meter with only two 10 mm thick stringers.

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Design stair Concorde in the Jozijna Kliniek

In the cosmetic hospital of esthteic doctor Jozijna van der Meij patients are taking our stairs with landings to go for their esthetic treatment.

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Modern stair Triangle at the company Sax / Florisan

Between the offices and the warehouse we installed a Triangle staircase.

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Wooden stair in the showroom from Gaverzicht in Deerlijk

Gaverzicht ordered an empty Cameleon C XL, a wide staircase. After installation they filled up the treads with the same wood as the parquet on the first floor.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Radco

The Concorde staircas has a width of 1,2 meter but is still very light and modest.

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Modern stair Triangle in a shop from Heyraud

Heyraud make shoes. For their shop in Nice (France) they have been looking for a wide staircase, 2 meter. With Triangle we can go for a maximum width of 6 meter.

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Design stair Concorde in the offices of Patrimonia

Family Office Patrimonia was looking for a staircase project at the same high quality level of the service they offer their own clients.

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Modern stair Triangle at the company Java

When the people of Led Zeppeling wrote their famous song 'Stairway to heaven' the defintely had this image in mind.

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Design stair Concorde in an office

Central in the office we installed our Concorde staircase The stair offers extreme transparency and lightness, both at the front and the back, as well as on the left and right.

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Large stair Triangle in the company Botim

The 3 meter wide Triangle welcomes the visitors. We can go to a maximum width of 6 meter.

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Large company stair Concorde XL at Okey

The furniture company Verberckmoes decided to open a seperate shop for outdoor furniture in Temse. They preferred the Concorde XL stair because this is a very large and strong stair but transparant at the same time. After many years of intensive use you can barely see that the stairs are not brand new, thanks to the protective anodisation treatment we give to all our stairs.

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Design stair Concorde in a fitness

The concorde staircase feels at home between the fitness equipment.

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Modern stair Triangle in the Novotel

A small (4 treads) but wide (2 meter) staircase brings the visitors to the bar from the Novotel.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Redactio

Redactio is specialized in SEO texts for websites. Every day the employees use the Concorde stair to go to their office.

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Modern stair Triangle dans l'entreprise IFIM

A real estate company in Lucembourg wanted a visually ligh stair in their offices.

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Natural stone stair at Crealab in Kortrijk

The West-Flemish Innovation Centre and the Innovation Center of Courtrai decided to start a creativity center, together. And our staircase had to support the mission of innovation.

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Design stair Concorde in the Spity Hotel

The Spity hotel (4*) in Nice (France) is a modern hotel in a very original building. You can find the hotel in the centre of the city at 25 minutes walking from the Promenade des Anglais. Spity has its own private beach with bar. We installed our Concorde staircase in the middle of the entrance hall.

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Metal stairs

We make 100% aluminum stairs. They are anodized by default. This ensures a very hard top layer that remains scratch-free, even in case of intensive use.

Aluminium staircases with glass and light

We have a range of top staircases with extra clear glass steps and led illumination, white or rgb. You control the lighting of your staircase with your smartphone or with your home automation system.

Stairs, according to your corporate identity

Give your stairs the right color or fill up the steps with your own material and - why not - with integrated logo (the logo of your company of course).

Wide stairs

We can make our stairs very wide:

  • Cameleon C XL: maximum 1,5 meter wide
  • Concorde XL: maximum 1,8 meter wide
  • Triangle XL: maximum 6 meter wide

Looking for a top design straight company staircase?

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