AluGlass balustrades

In perfecte harmonie with the Graah stairs

AluGlass balustrades

Graah has a unique range of balustrades, a combination of aluminium and glass. We can lacquer them for you. We deliver these balustrades only in combination with a Graah staircase.

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our AluGlass balustrades.

Design stair Concorde at the family De Caluwé-Philips

In the center of the new home of Astrid and Sven is a staircase project with Concorde, a glass bridge and AluGlas balustrades. Transparency was the goal, from the very beginning, when dreaming and planning their new home. The lightweight aluminum staircases let the light coming from top to bottom come free.

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Closed design stair Concorde Project Bekaert

We closed this staircas with a plexi plate. The illumination behind the staircase is responsible for the waaaaw effect. Instead of putting glass in the AluGlass balustrade we did it with a made-to-measure design in polycarbonate.

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Modern stair Triangle at Bonnel

The customer wanted a short AluGlass balustrade on this staircase, giving him a better access to the stair.

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Glass stair at GVB in San Francisco (US)

The customer wanted to build a extrordinary house on a difficult piece of ground. With his archotect he succeeded. Our distributor Insensation and the Graah design team worked very good together and made a very nice staircase project for the customer. And the customer? He is very happy with the result.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in the New American Home 2017

The architect of the "2017 New American Home" chose the Cameleon S stair of Graah for this very special project in Orlando, Florida. This project is showing us a luxury house with a lot of technology and a fantastic staircase.

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Large company stair Concorde XL at Proshop

The group Lambert has shops all over Wallonie, Brussels and Belgium. They sell products to professional painters. For their shop in Gembloux they decided to take a Concorde XL staircase from Graah because they wanted a very strong and very light looking staircase at the same time.

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Large glass staircase Project CameleonXL1

In this spacious hall, our wide aluminum staircase is a real eye-catcher which fully comes into its own. The balustrades and steps are made in glass and the steps are illuminated with LED, making it even lighter.

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Illuminated stairs with glass treads in Luxemburg

In Luxembourg our local distributor ACJ Lux connected 3 levels. All stairs and the landing have built-in white leds, spreading the light.

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Design stair Concorde in the company Europa Cuisson

The boss of Europa Cuisson had enough of the typical industrial steel staircase at the entrance of his food company. He wanted to give an upgrade to the image of Europa Cuisson. So, he renovated the building.

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Design stair Concorde in the offices of Patrimonia

Family Office Patrimonia was looking for a staircase project at the same high quality level of the service they offer their own clients.

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Glass stair with a quarter turn in New York

A design company in New York combines the design of projects with the realization of these projects. Their customers are happy with this approach as well as with the result. Thanks our local distributor Insensation they found Graah, who took care of the engineering and the production of this staircase project. Look at the video on this page; you'll be impressed of the high class of this project.

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Modern stair Triangle at Bouckenooghe

Nicole was able to save on lighting in the wall by letting us integrate LEDs in her aluminum handrail. In combination with her Triangle, this creates a hamony in her contemporary home.

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Glass stair Swiss Resort

The customer chose to combine a Cameleon C stair with glass treads with an AluGlass balustrade on the stair and a full glass Vision balustrade on the next floor.

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Illuminated stair at Hanssens in Oudenaarde

A Ducatti lover wanted a modern staircase in the center of his living room, with light.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in Colorado

In Colorado (USA) Interior architect Natasha chose, assisted by our American distributor Insensation, the illuminated Camelen S stair to be integrated in a modern house. The staircase is very visible from the outside.

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Natural stone stair at Crealab in Kortrijk

The West-Flemish Innovation Centre and the Innovation Center of Courtrai decided to start a creativity center, together. And our staircase had to support the mission of innovation.

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Woorden stair in Virginia (US)

In Virginia (USA) our customer decided to construct a very nice rural villa. For his staircase he chose a Graah solution. Transparant? Yes! But with a lot of wood.

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Illuminated stairs with glass treads at the familiy Haag

The family Hag decided to renovate their house. They wanted to change/adapt the interior. The staircases of Graah are playing a central role in this renovation. The Cameleon S was their personel choice, with white leds in the treads. They control the light with a switch in the wall.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads at Edward in Luxemburg

When Chris Edward starts talking about his Graah staircases at home, he speaks in superlatives. This is the perfect solution he had been looking for.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in an appartement on Grammercy Park

Grammercy Park is a very pleasant neighbourhood in Manhattan (New York City). Advised by ower dealer Insensation, the customer chose an illuminated Graah staircase.

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Design stair Concorde Project Dommisse

This was not an easy poject. The hous is build up around a steel construction, that also carries the stairs, the landing and the balustrades. Long before installation we provided the construction company our drawings that have been integrated in their plans. In the factory all the holes we needed to fix our products were already made, very precise.

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AluGlass balustrades on the staircase

The stainless steel balustrades are made to fit with a metal stair from Graah.

Horizontal AluGlass balustrades

We fix them on or against the floor or against a landing/bridge from Graah.


Standard we work with transparant laminated glass 44.2.
You want another filling? That's possible. Examples: wood, polycarbonate, plexi, ... Look at the project "Bekaert" and you'll understand the possibilities.

Aluminium handrail at the wall

Graah also created a refined handrail, to be fixed at the wall. This one is made of aluminium, without the use of glass.

Dimensions of the angular profiles

  • the handrail has a width of 50 mm and a height of 40 mm.
  • the posts have a width of 50 mm and a depth of 40 mm.

Illumination in the aluminium handrail

You can choose between white LEDs or RGB (color) LEDs. You control the lighting of your handrail with your smartphone or with your home automation system.
You can take this option with the handrail fixed to the wall but also with the AluGlass balustrade.

You want a lacquered balustrade

At the company we have a professional powder coating line and a large stock of different colors. The powder coating we use is very resistant to intensive use of your balustrade.
You have the choice between more than 6000 different colors. If you give us the RAL code of your windows and/or doors, we will lacquer your balustrade in exactly the same color.

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