Cameleon C

slim / industrial look / step material choice

Cameleon C, the glass stair


The Cameleon C combines the thin Concorde stringers with the universal Graah steps. He likes to be admired from the front as well as from aside. The staircase gives a light impression and draws quiet a lot of attention to himself.

You choose the material we put in the steps: glass, wood, stone or aluminium. But you can also put the same material in the steps as you have already on the floor.

You like some color? We can lacquer your Cameleon C.

The stringers as well as parts of the steps are made of aluminium. De hard top top layer (anodisation) protects the stair against scratches and makes it easy to maintain.

As an option the Cameleon C can be closed at the back with a plate of plexi or aluminium.

Glass stair in luxury apartment in New York

In this beautiful apartment on Manhattan New York our distributor Insensation realized a magnificent Graah project with a lot of glass. On the stairs and the landings we used opal glass. For the full glass balustrades Vision we used transparant glass. The people of Graah did a lot of engineering for this project.

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Glass stair at Origine Spa in Jemappes

Architect Michel Mariettos wanted a top finished staircase project the welness center of his wife, met glass treads en glass on the landings.

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Wooden stair at Edouard in Moscow (RU)

In a beauty salon in the centre of Moscow we realized a project with Cameleon C. The customer chose Avangkol wood in de treads as wel as on the landing.

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Glass stair at GVB in San Francisco (US)

The customer wanted to build a extrordinary house on a difficult piece of ground. With his archotect he succeeded. Our distributor Insensation and the Graah design team worked very good together and made a very nice staircase project for the customer. And the customer? He is very happy with the result.

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Glass stair at Annoeullin (FR)

Our customer desired a high end design staircase solution for their new house. They knew what they wanted but they couldn't find anything close in Northern France. And then, they saw the products of Graah ...

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Natural stone stair at Apaire in Warcoing

The residents of a house in Warcoing wanted to combine differant materials in their staircase project. They chose an aluminium Cameleon C stair with natural stone in the treads and opal glass on the landing.

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Glass stair with Inox P in Biarritz (FR)

An aluminium stair, white lacquered, with a quarterturn. Staircase and quarterturn with opal glass.

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Glass stair at Vanthuyne in Poperinge

At the entrance of the house from the family Vanthuyne you can see a very nice white staircase with glass steps. The bolts in the stringers are hidden. At the first floor we installed a horizontal full glass balustrade Vision.

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Glass stair with a quarter turn in New York

A design company in New York combines the design of projects with the realization of these projects. Their customers are happy with this approach as well as with the result. Thanks our local distributor Insensation they found Graah, who took care of the engineering and the production of this staircase project. Look at the video on this page; you'll be impressed of the high class of this project.

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Wooden stair Project CameleonC1 in Ijburg (NL)

In this project in Ijburg (Holland) we fixed the full glaas Vision with big round bolts instead of fixing them between two stringers. On top of the glass we have put stainless steel handrails.

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Illuminated stairs in the showroom of Graah at the company Demasure

If you want a fully illuminated staircase project in your home, come and have a look at our showroom. Not only the steps are illuminated. We also placed RGB lighting under the full glass Vision balustrade. You control all that luminous violence with an app on your smartphone. Would you like to connect the leds with your home automation system? That's possible.

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Stair with linoleum at Tibergyn in Wevelgem

Customer Tibergyn asked us to install the staircases and the landings without filling. He took himslef care of the filling: pieces of wood covered with linoleum.

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Design stair Concorde Project Van de Woestijne

In this old mill the family Van de Woestijne realized a fantastic project, with respect for the past but also with some very modern elements.

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Glass stair Swiss Resort

The customer chose to combine a Cameleon C stair with glass treads with an AluGlass balustrade on the stair and a full glass Vision balustrade on the next floor.

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Wooden stair at Bobet in Lille (FR)

The family Bobet wanted a light and transparant staircase with wood. The cameleon system was the perfect solution for them. We fiil the treads and the landing with whatever material our customer wants.

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Woorden stair in Virginia (US)

In Virginia (USA) our customer decided to construct a very nice rural villa. For his staircase he chose a Graah solution. Transparant? Yes! But with a lot of wood.

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Glass stair in showroom Insensation in New York

Insensation installed a Top staircase of Graah in her showroom in Manhattan (New York), connecting the groud floor with the next level. They chose a Cameleon C with a black stringer on the left and a grey stringer at the right. The Vision full glass balustrade is a special one: with a dark Vancave color filter. It all looks very chique.

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Illuminated staircase of the Rickaert-Boone family

Katrijn and Jonas bought a not yet finished house. They still had to carry out the complete furnishing and finishing. After updating the original plans, we were able to give Katrijn her dream staircase in the entrance hall. When it's dark, they leave the lights in the stairs on, in the color that most matches their mood at that moment. Meanwhile, the neighbors are already used to the beacon of light.

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  • hoogte van 50 tot 60 mm, afhankelijk van de invulling
  • mogelijkheden qua inleg: glas, hout, steen, aluminium of eigen materiaal
  • diepte 250 mm, breedte maximaal 1000 mm


  • massief aluminium
  • 250 x 10 mm tot 15 treden, 300 x 10 mm vanaf 16 treden


  • constructie op maat
  • sterkte berekend op maximaal 300 kg/m²
  • kan makkelijk gelakt worden
  • krasbestendig
  • makkelijk onderhoud met vochtige doek


  • combineerbaar met trapleuningen in inox, alu-glas en vol glas

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