Illuminated stairs at home

Choose between white and RGB leds

Illuminated stairs at home

If you choose glass treads, you can go for an illuminated staircase, with leds hidden in the steps. Or we can put a led strip in the stringer next to the wall, giving you indirect illumination. If you choose a floating staircase we put the led strip in the stringer attached to the wall.

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our illuminated staircases.

Illuminated stairs with glass treads at the familiy Haag

The family Hag decided to renovate their house. They wanted to change/adapt the interior. The staircases of Graah are playing a central role in this renovation. The Cameleon S was their personel choice, with white leds in the treads. They control the light with a switch in the wall.

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Illuminated staircase of the Rickaert-Boone family

Katrijn and Jonas bought a not yet finished house. They still had to carry out the complete furnishing and finishing. After updating the original plans, we were able to give Katrijn her dream staircase in the entrance hall. When it's dark, they leave the lights in the stairs on, in the color that most matches their mood at that moment. Meanwhile, the neighbors are already used to the beacon of light.

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Illuminated stair at Hanssens in Oudenaarde

A Ducatti lover wanted a modern staircase in the center of his living room, with light.

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Illuminated stairs in the showroom of Graah at the company Demasure

If you want a fully illuminated staircase project in your home, come and have a look at our showroom. Not only the steps are illuminated. We also placed RGB lighting under the full glass Vision balustrade. You control all that luminous violence with an app on your smartphone. Would you like to connect the leds with your home automation system? That's possible.

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Illuminated stairs with glass treads in Luxemburg

In Luxembourg our local distributor ACJ Lux connected 3 levels. All stairs and the landing have built-in white leds, spreading the light.

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Floating stair Solitaire at Poppe

The family Poppe wanted a floating Solitaire in its purest form, without a handrail, but with white leds.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in the New American Home 2017

The architect of the "2017 New American Home" chose the Cameleon S stair of Graah for this very special project in Orlando, Florida. This project is showing us a luxury house with a lot of technology and a fantastic staircase.

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Floating stair Solitaire at Defreyn

In Toulouse (France) we installed 2 floating staircases. The handrail is a good aid to climb up the stair. The interior bridge is covered with transparant glass.

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Floating staircase Solitaire at Malin-Minner

The floating staircase Solitaire and the RGB LED illumination are a perfect combination. You control the LEDs with an app on your smartphone.

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Large glass staircase Project CameleonXL1

In this spacious hall, our wide aluminum staircase is a real eye-catcher which fully comes into its own. The balustrades and steps are made in glass and the steps are illuminated with LED, making it even lighter.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads at Edward in Luxemburg

When Chris Edward starts talking about his Graah staircases at home, he speaks in superlatives. This is the perfect solution he had been looking for.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in an appartement on Grammercy Park

Grammercy Park is a very pleasant neighbourhood in Manhattan (New York City). Advised by ower dealer Insensation, the customer chose an illuminated Graah staircase.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads at Dusart in Hoeleden

In the house of the family Dusart we installed stairs with leds in the treads and with a 2-level landing.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in Colorado

In Colorado (USA) Interior architect Natasha chose, assisted by our American distributor Insensation, the illuminated Camelen S stair to be integrated in a modern house. The staircase is very visible from the outside.

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Glass stair in showroom Insensation in New York

Insensation installed a Top staircase of Graah in her showroom in Manhattan (New York), connecting the groud floor with the next level. They chose a Cameleon C with a black stringer on the left and a grey stringer at the right. The Vision full glass balustrade is a special one: with a dark Vancave color filter. It all looks very chique.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads at Devloo in Eeklo

Lighting the staircase and change the color when you want. That was the desire of the family Devloo. They control their staircase with a remote control.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in the Project CameleonS1 in Beek

Our Dutch customers in Beek love to change the color of their staircases. With an app on your smartphone you can control the lightning.

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Metal stairs with illumination

We make 100% aluminum stairs. They are anodized by default. This ensures a very hard top layer that remains scratch-free, even in case of intensive use.

In case you choose a stair with glass treads, we put the illumination in the steps. The points of the leds are invisible; you just have the illumination effect. At the bottom of the steps, we close them with plexi plates, ensuring a nice spread led lighting. Your staircase is now a beacon of light in your living room or in the entrance of your house.

If you choose a floating staircase, we put the leds in de stringer fixed to the wall.

LED lighting control

You have 4 options:

  • We hide a Bluetooth receiver in the staircase. You control the leds with the app 'Casambi ' on your smartphone(s). Functions: on, out, dimming, changing the colors, programming.
  • We hide an IR receiver in the staircase and provide you with a remote control. Functions: on, out, dimming, changing the colors, programming.
  • You connect the staircase with your home automation system.
  • You ask your elektrician to install a switch to the wall.

You want a lacquered staircase

At the company we have a professional powder coating line and a large stock of different colors. The powder coating we use is very resistant to intensive use of your stair.
You have the choice between more than 6000 different colors. If you give us the RAL code of your windows and/or doors, we will lacquer your staircase in exactly the same color.

A closed staircase

We can easily close your staircase. This may be necessary if there is a cellar or storage space underneath.

Looking for a top design straight staircase?

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