Stairs with landing at home

Aluminium stairs, anodized or lacquered, with glass, wood, stone, ... Stainless steel landings, lacquered if you wish, with glass, wood, stone, ...

Stairs with landing at home

An important part of our projects, are staircases with one or more landings. In most cases it is an intermediate platform between flights used to change direction of the stair.

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our staircases with landing.

Glass stair in luxury apartment in New York

In this beautiful apartment on Manhattan New York our distributor Insensation realized a magnificent Graah project with a lot of glass. On the stairs and the landings we used opal glass. For the full glass balustrades Vision we used transparant glass. The people of Graah did a lot of engineering for this project.

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Modern stair Project Triangle4

A glass bridge and a landing at several levels with aluminium. Perfect with a Triangle stair and stainless steel balustrades.

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Design stair Concorde Project Hamers

In their modern house the family hamers asked us to install a from the outside visible project with landings, bridges and aluminium Concorde stairs.

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Glass stair at Annoeullin (FR)

Our customer desired a high end design staircase solution for their new house. They knew what they wanted but they couldn't find anything close in Northern France. And then, they saw the products of Graah ...

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Wooden stair at Bobet in Lille (FR)

The family Bobet wanted a light and transparant staircase with wood. The cameleon system was the perfect solution for them. We fiil the treads and the landing with whatever material our customer wants.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in the New American Home 2017

The architect of the "2017 New American Home" chose the Cameleon S stair of Graah for this very special project in Orlando, Florida. This project is showing us a luxury house with a lot of technology and a fantastic staircase.

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Modern stair Project Triangle10

In this new villa the customer wanted to have as much natural light as possible. So he chose an aluminium stair from Graah.

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Design stair Concorde Project Van de Woestijne

In this old mill the family Van de Woestijne realized a fantastic project, with respect for the past but also with some very modern elements.

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Glass stair at Origine Spa in Jemappes

Architect Michel Mariettos wanted a top finished staircase project the welness center of his wife, met glass treads en glass on the landings.

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Modern stair Project Triangle8

Art and some design classics in this house in Lelystad (The Netherlands). The Triangle takes a modest position.

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Illuminated staircase of the Rickaert-Boone family

Katrijn and Jonas bought a not yet finished house. They still had to carry out the complete furnishing and finishing. After updating the original plans, we were able to give Katrijn her dream staircase in the entrance hall. When it's dark, they leave the lights in the stairs on, in the color that most matches their mood at that moment. Meanwhile, the neighbors are already used to the beacon of light.

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Floating stair Solitaire at de Gersem

In Snaasekerke the family de Gersem decided to combine the floating staircase Solitaire with its best alternative, Triangle. You can compare these 2 models in this project.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads at Edward in Luxemburg

When Chris Edward starts talking about his Graah staircases at home, he speaks in superlatives. This is the perfect solution he had been looking for.

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Modern stair Triangle at Verplaetse

A lot of white and a lot of glass around the staircase project.

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Design stair Concorde Project De Schuyter

Our customers wanted the very best for his tenants, aesthetically as well as in terms of quality, all fitting in a realistic budget. So, he got in contact with the people of Graah, for a few stairs with balustrades and landings.

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Glass stair at GVB in San Francisco (US)

The customer wanted to build a extrordinary house on a difficult piece of ground. With his archotect he succeeded. Our distributor Insensation and the Graah design team worked very good together and made a very nice staircase project for the customer. And the customer? He is very happy with the result.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads at Dusart in Hoeleden

In the house of the family Dusart we installed stairs with leds in the treads and with a 2-level landing.

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Design stair Concorde Project Antonissen

The Concorde with stainless steel balustrades really fits in this modern house in Brussels.

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Modern stair Triangle for a doctor in Veurne

Architect Vanbecelaere uit Veurne drew a modern volume next to an old farm house, with a lot of glass in between, making our Triangle staircase very visible.

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Wooden stair Project CameleonC1 in Ijburg (NL)

In this project in Ijburg (Holland) we fixed the full glaas Vision with big round bolts instead of fixing them between two stringers. On top of the glass we have put stainless steel handrails.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in Colorado

In Colorado (USA) Interior architect Natasha chose, assisted by our American distributor Insensation, the illuminated Camelen S stair to be integrated in a modern house. The staircase is very visible from the outside.

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Design stair Project Concorde3

In the Netherlands, in Ijburg, you can find this project with Concorde and landing with glass.

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Modern stair Triangle at Chairat

The landing wit several levels saves a lot of space and is a better solution than a quarter turn, safer and much more comfortable.

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Natural stone stair at Apaire in Warcoing

The residents of a house in Warcoing wanted to combine differant materials in their staircase project. They chose an aluminium Cameleon C stair with natural stone in the treads and opal glass on the landing.

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Glass stair at De Chou in Geraardsbergen

This is combination of 2 times 2 staircases with landing in between, all covered with glass.

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Modern stair Triangle at Theo

Distributor Insensation offered this solution at Theo. He agreed immediately, being convinced of the quality of European design.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in the Project CameleonS1 in Beek

Our Dutch customers in Beek love to change the color of their staircases. With an app on your smartphone you can control the lightning.

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Floating stair Solitaire at Poppe

The family Poppe wanted a floating Solitaire in its purest form, without a handrail, but with white leds.

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Design stair Concorde Project Leon

At the ground floor the house has big windows, giving a lot of natural light. Downstair there are no windows. Thakns to the transparant the natural light reaches also the cellar. Living downstairs has become so much nicer.

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Modern stair Project Triangle6

Triangle with landing, always a good combination. The hard top (anodised aluminium) protects the steps against scratches. And cleaning the staircase is piece of cake.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads at Devloo in Eeklo

Lighting the staircase and change the color when you want. That was the desire of the family Devloo. They control their staircase with a remote control.

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Design stair Concorde Project Martens

In this nice living room, with timeless design furniture, our Concorde is showing her great class.

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Design stair Concorde Project De Witte

Four steps up, turn left on the landing and then 12 steps to the next floor. Much more comfort than with a quarterturn and also a lot safer.

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Stair with linoleum at Tibergyn in Wevelgem

Customer Tibergyn asked us to install the staircases and the landings without filling. He took himslef care of the filling: pieces of wood covered with linoleum.

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Design stair Concorde Project Dommisse

This was not an easy poject. The hous is build up around a steel construction, that also carries the stairs, the landing and the balustrades. Long before installation we provided the construction company our drawings that have been integrated in their plans. In the factory all the holes we needed to fix our products were already made, very precise.

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Metal stairs

We make 100% aluminum stairs. They are anodized by default. This ensures a very hard top layer that remains scratch-free, even in case of intensive use.

Treads and landing with glass, stone, wood, ...

But you can also go for steps that we fill with glass, wood, stone or any material supplied or chosen by you.

Our landings

We make our landings with stainles steel profiles. We weld them together and cover them with the material you want: glass, woord, stone, aluminium or another material of your choice.

You want a lacquered staircase with lacquered landing

At the company we have a professional powder coating line and a large stock of different colors. The powder coating we use is very resistant to intensive use of your stair.
You have the choice between more than 6000 different colors. If you give us the RAL code of your windows and/or doors, we will lacquer your staircase in exactly the same color.

Illumination of your staircase

You can choose between white LEDs or RGB (color) LEDs. You control the lighting of your staircase with your smartphone or with your home automation system.

A closed staircase

We can easily close your staircase. This may be necessary if there is a cellar or storage space underneath.

Looking for a top design staircase with landing?

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