Aluminium is the most important material in the stairs of Graah. In fact we use extruded aluminium profiles. This makes us worldwide unique.


Aluminium is a chemical element with the symbol AI and it is made out of bauxite. Since the discovery of aluminium about a century ago, it has conquered the world.
VERY SUSTAINABLE : 100% RECYCLABLE : Aluminium is 100% recyclable, without loss of quality. Remelting aluminium doesn't take a lot of energy. The recycling process requires about 5% of the energy needed to produce the original primary material.
VERY SUSTAINABLE : ALMOST UNLIMITED PRESENT : Aluminium is the third most present element on earth, after oxygen and silicon. About 8% of the earth crust contains aluminium.
Aluminium has an important intrinsically value, a low cost of use because of the LONG LIFETIME and requires only minimal maintainance.
RUSTPROOF AND SUSTAINABLE : Aluminium creates automatically a protective oxide layer. Several kinds of surface treatments - anodisation, wet coating, powder coating, ... - can improve this characteristic. Aluminium is very usefull for applications that need protection and conservation.
EXCELLENT PROCESSABILITY : Aluminium is easy to treat and has a low melting point and a low density. Aluminium products can get exactly the shape you want.
LEIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG : Aluminium is a light metal, 2,7 kg per dm³ which is about one third of steel.
MODERN METAL : Aluminium is attractive, modern and a joy for creative people and designers.

anodising aluminium

Anodising aluminium is an electrochemical process during which the metal is covered with an oxide layer which protects the underlaying metal against scratches, against the adhesion of dirt and against corrosion. De excellent quality of aluminium for interior and also exterior use is guaranteed.

aluminium profiles

During the extrusion process aluminium billets are heated and pushed through a mold and so they become profiles.
The use of aluminium profiles has a lot of advantages:
- The choice of forms is almost unlimited.
- In the profile functionalities can be built in.
- Aluminium has a very good relation weight versus strength. With extrusion extra strength can be forseen there where it is needed.
- Decorative surface treatment is possible.
- Aluminium profiles are easy to treat (cutting, ...).
- Aluminium profiles are easy to assemble.
- Aluminium profiles are ideal to create system solutions.

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