Glass company stairs

With a large choice between different kinds of glass and illumination.

Glass company stairs

We make our stairs with straight aluminium profiles. In the treads we put glass panels, opal glass (normal or extra clear). Also transparent glass is possible (but not our favorite choice).

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our glass company staircases.

Illuminated stairs with glass treads in the offices of Mainsys

Mainsys is a fast growing company. Their offices became too small; they needed to enlarge these offices with an extra floor. Because of safety reasons all windows had to stay closed. So in the length of our pieces we were limited to the inner size of the elevator and we had to assemble the whole project on the spot. The collaboration with the architect was super which, at the end, gave us a very satisfied customer. At Graah we do the engineering very precise. We sign all projects in 3D, according to the needs and the wishes of our customer.

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Large stair at Boréal in Brussels

In the entrance hall of the Boréal building there is a Graah staircase. The building has an octoplex elevator system but still our customer wanted to have an eye-catcher and at the same time a functional staircase in order to connect the ground floor with the first floor. In the metal columns we had to put extra reinforcements, all calculated by our own engineering office. The employees of the bank BNP Paribas Fortis are very happy that they can use our Cameleon C XL to go to the next level.

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Large glass staircase Project CameleonXL1

In this spacious hall, our wide aluminum staircase is a real eye-catcher which fully comes into its own. The balustrades and steps are made in glass and the steps are illuminated with LED, making it even lighter.

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Illuminated stair with glass treads in the New American Home 2017

The architect of the "2017 New American Home" chose the Cameleon S stair of Graah for this very special project in Orlando, Florida. This project is showing us a luxury house with a lot of technology and a fantastic staircase.

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Illuminated stairs in the showroom of Graah at the company Demasure

If you want a fully illuminated staircase project in your home, come and have a look at our showroom. Not only the steps are illuminated. We also placed RGB lighting under the full glass Vision balustrade. You control all that luminous violence with an app on your smartphone. Would you like to connect the leds with your home automation system? That's possible.

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Metal company stairs with glass in the treads

We make 100% aluminum stairs. They are anodized by default. This ensures a very hard top layer that remains scratch-free, even in case of intensive use.
We fill the treads with laminated opal glass (1010.2). You can choose between standard opal glass, with a light green impression, and extra clear laminated opal glass (also 1010.2), that looks white. The normal opal glass matches very good with aluminium while extra clear opal glass is a better choice when you put led lighting in the steps.
Depending on the dimensions of the landing (if part of the project), we use 1010.2 or 1212.2 (thicker) glass.

Aluminium staircases with glass and light

We have a range of top staircases with extra clear glass steps and led illumination, white or rgb. You control the lighting of your staircase with your smartphone or with your home automation system.

Company stairs with illumination

We put the illumination in the steps. The points of the leds are invisible; you just have the illumination effect. At the bottom of the steps, we close them with plexi plates, ensuring a nice spread led lighting. Your staircase is now a beacon of light in your company.

LED lighting control

You have 4 options:

  • We hide a Bluetooth receiver in the staircase. You control the leds with the app 'Casambi ' on your smartphone(s). Functions: on, out, dimming, changing the colors, programming.
  • We hide an IR receiver in the staircase and provide you with a remote control. Functions: on, out, dimming, changing the colors, programming.
  • You connect the staircase with your home automation system.
  • You ask your elektrician to install a switch to the wall.

Treads with stone, wood, ...

But you can also go for steps that we fill with wood, stone or any material supplied or chosen by you.

Stairs, according to your corporate identity

Give your stairs the right color or fill up the steps with your own material and - why not - with integrated logo (the logo of your company of course).

Wide stairs

We can make our stairs very wide:

  • Cameleon C XL: maximum 1,5 meter wide
  • Concorde XL: maximum 1,8 meter wide
  • Triangle XL: maximum 6 meter wide

Looking for a top design glass staircase for your company?

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