Vision full glass balustrades

100% glass - transparant

Vision full glass balustrades

The Vision full glass balustrade can be put on a Graah staircase but also in a horizontal version on or against te floor or against a landing/bridge of Graah.

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our full glass Vision balustrades.

Design stair Concorde Project De Prest

In his printing office the customer wanted a very discrete staircase of high quality. And so, he took the Concorde, very transparant, especially with the full glass Vision balustrade. After so many years, the staircase still looks brand new, thanks to anodized top layer of the aluminium steps.

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Design stair Project Concorde6

You can make access to your staircase so much easier if you let the balustrade start at the 3rd step. For his project the customer wanted a full glass Vision balustrade. He wanted the bolts to be visible. If you don't want to see thess bolts, we can hide them easily.

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Modern stair Triangle at Malfait

During the renovation of their loft the owners want to keep as much original elements as possiblle and they wanted to keep them very visible. And so they needed a classy but at the same time modest staircase.

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Glass stair in luxury apartment in New York

In this beautiful apartment on Manhattan New York our distributor Insensation realized a magnificent Graah project with a lot of glass. On the stairs and the landings we used opal glass. For the full glass balustrades Vision we used transparant glass. The people of Graah did a lot of engineering for this project.

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Illuminated stairs with glass treads in the offices of Mainsys

Mainsys is a fast growing company. Their offices became too small; they needed to enlarge these offices with an extra floor. Because of safety reasons all windows had to stay closed. So in the length of our pieces we were limited to the inner size of the elevator and we had to assemble the whole project on the spot. The collaboration with the architect was super which, at the end, gave us a very satisfied customer. At Graah we do the engineering very precise. We sign all projects in 3D, according to the needs and the wishes of our customer.

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Illuminated stairs in the showroom of Graah at the company Demasure

If you want a fully illuminated staircase project in your home, come and have a look at our showroom. Not only the steps are illuminated. We also placed RGB lighting under the full glass Vision balustrade. You control all that luminous violence with an app on your smartphone. Would you like to connect the leds with your home automation system? That's possible.

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Illuminated staircase of the Rickaert-Boone family

Katrijn and Jonas bought a not yet finished house. They still had to carry out the complete furnishing and finishing. After updating the original plans, we were able to give Katrijn her dream staircase in the entrance hall. When it's dark, they leave the lights in the stairs on, in the color that most matches their mood at that moment. Meanwhile, the neighbors are already used to the beacon of light.

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Illuminated stairs with glass treads at the familiy Haag

The family Hag decided to renovate their house. They wanted to change/adapt the interior. The staircases of Graah are playing a central role in this renovation. The Cameleon S was their personel choice, with white leds in the treads. They control the light with a switch in the wall.

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Large stair at Boréal in Brussels

In the entrance hall of the Boréal building there is a Graah staircase. The building has an octoplex elevator system but still our customer wanted to have an eye-catcher and at the same time a functional staircase in order to connect the ground floor with the first floor. In the metal columns we had to put extra reinforcements, all calculated by our own engineering office. The employees of the bank BNP Paribas Fortis are very happy that they can use our Cameleon C XL to go to the next level.

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Modern stair Triangle at De Blonde

The question of the customer was quite easy: give us a staircase that fits in our new project. Indeed, not that difficult, with our aluminium staircases in general and with our Triangle more specific.

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Glass stair at Annoeullin (FR)

Our customer desired a high end design staircase solution for their new house. They knew what they wanted but they couldn't find anything close in Northern France. And then, they saw the products of Graah ...

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Glass stair at Vanthuyne in Poperinge

At the entrance of the house from the family Vanthuyne you can see a very nice white staircase with glass steps. The bolts in the stringers are hidden. At the first floor we installed a horizontal full glass balustrade Vision.

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Glass stair Swiss Resort

The customer chose to combine a Cameleon C stair with glass treads with an AluGlass balustrade on the stair and a full glass Vision balustrade on the next floor.

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Glass stair in showroom Insensation in New York

Insensation installed a Top staircase of Graah in her showroom in Manhattan (New York), connecting the groud floor with the next level. They chose a Cameleon C with a black stringer on the left and a grey stringer at the right. The Vision full glass balustrade is a special one: with a dark Vancave color filter. It all looks very chique.

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Large company stair Concorde XL in the hospital ZOL

Central in the entrance hall of the hospital Zuid-Oost-Limburg a Concorde XL staircase is welcoming the visitors. Every day hunderds of people use the staircase. No problem for an aluminium Graah staircase. The hard anodisation top protects the steps against scratches, much better than a laquered stair. Width of this super solid stair = 1,8 meter with only two 10 mm thick stringers.

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Wooden stair in the showroom from Gaverzicht in Deerlijk

Gaverzicht ordered an empty Cameleon C XL, a wide staircase. After installation they filled up the treads with the same wood as the parquet on the first floor.

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Vision full glass balustrades on the staircase

The full glass Vision balustrades are made to fit with a metal stair from Graah.
There is only one condition: the stair needs to have lateral stringers (so not possible with a floating stair or a stair with stringers underneath the steps).

Horizontal full glass Vision balustrades

We can install the balustrade on the floor, in the floor or against the floor.
In combination with a landing or bridge the balustrade is always installed against.


Standard we work with transparant laminated and tempered glass 1010.4. For public spaces we also have thicker glass: 1212.4.
You can choose between standard transparant glass (with a light green shine) and extra clear transparant glass (without this light green shine).

LED illumination under the glass

As an option we can hide leds under the glass. They illuminate the glass panels. The effect is very classy.

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