Closed stairs at home

With a plate of plexi or aluminium

Closed stairs at home

We can easily close your staircase. This may be necessary if there is a cellar or storage space underneath. We close your staircase with plexi or aluminium. If you choose aluminium, you can put illumination behind the staircase, with a fantastic effect.

Look at a selection of projects we realized with our closed staircases.

Closed design stair Concorde Project Bekaert

We closed this staircas with a plexi plate. The illumination behind the staircase is responsible for the waaaaw effect. Instead of putting glass in the AluGlass balustrade we did it with a made-to-measure design in polycarbonate.

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Closed design stair Concorde Project Gauwe

The stair brings us to the next floor and boack down but also closes the basement. The customer wanted a light solution. Judge yourself. The customer is very happy with the result.

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Modern stair Triangle with DVI

Aluminium and wood are always a good combination, especially with dark wood. In this project we worked with 2 of our models: Triangle and Concorde (closed version).

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Design stair Concorde in the company Redactio

Redactio is specialized in SEO texts for websites. Every day the employees use the Concorde stair to go to their office.

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Wooden stair at Edouard in Moscow (RU)

In a beauty salon in the centre of Moscow we realized a project with Cameleon C. The customer chose Avangkol wood in de treads as wel as on the landing.

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Illuminated stairs in the showroom of Graah at the company Demasure

If you want a fully illuminated staircase project in your home, come and have a look at our showroom. Not only the steps are illuminated. We also placed RGB lighting under the full glass Vision balustrade. You control all that luminous violence with an app on your smartphone. Would you like to connect the leds with your home automation system? That's possible.

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A closed staircase

If you want a closed staircase, you have 2 options:

  • Or you choose a stair with closed risers,
  • Or you choose a stair closed with a plate, fixed between the stringers at the bottom of the stair. This way you obtain a much more comfortable stair as you won't touch the plate with the tip of your shoes while climbing the staircase.

At Graah, we go for the second solution. We close the stair with aluminium or with plexi.

If you choose plexi, you can put illumination behind the stair, giving you a great effect.

Metal stairs

We make 100% aluminum stairs. They are anodized by default. This ensures a very hard top layer that remains scratch-free, even in case of intensive use.

Treads with glass, stone, wood, ...

But you can also go for steps that we fill with glass, wood, stone or any material supplied or chosen by you.

You want a lacquered staircase

At the company we have a professional powder coating line and a large stock of different colors. The powder coating we use is very resistant to intensive use of your stair.
You have the choice between more than 6000 different colors. If you give us the RAL code of your windows and/or doors, we will lacquer your staircase in exactly the same color.

Illumination of your staircase

You can choose between white LEDs or RGB (color) LEDs. You control the lighting of your staircase with your smartphone or with your home automation system.

Looking for a top design closed staircase?

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