floating steps / open / lightstrip

Solitaire, floating stair in aluminium


Most of the floating staircases have steps that are individually connected to the wall. The Solitaire of Graah has one stringer (with all the steps attached) that is fixed to the wall. This way we increase the carrying capacity considerably without demanding too much efforts from the wall. You may watch the Solitaire from every possible position, the staircase looks always very light and open.

You can save a lot of money by not installing light spots because the stringer can contain LEDs, white or coloured. The plexi cover strip spreads the light over the wall, creating a pleasant atmosphere. You need no light? No problem, we can also close the stringer with an aluminium strip.

The stringers as well as the steps are 100% made of aluminium. De hard top top layer (anodisation) protects the stair against scratches and makes it easy to maintain.

Floating stair Solitaire at Defreyn

In Toulouse (France) we installed 2 floating staircases. The handrail is a good aid to climb up the stair. The interior bridge is covered with transparant glass.

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Floating staircase Solitaire at Malin-Minner

The floating staircase Solitaire and the RGB LED illumination are a perfect combination. You control the LEDs with an app on your smartphone.

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Floating stair Solitaire at de Gersem

In Snaasekerke the family de Gersem decided to combine the floating staircase Solitaire with its best alternative, Triangle. You can compare these 2 models in this project.

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Floating stair Solitaire at Poppe

The family Poppe wanted a floating Solitaire in its purest form, without a handrail, but with white leds.

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  • extruded aluminium profiles, anodized
  • depth 250 mm, width maximum 900 mm
  • fixed to the stringer


  • single stringer
  • 2 heavy aluminium profiles
  • mounted against the wall


  • on the bottom or at the top

the combination:

  • construction made to measure
  • scratch resistant
  • easy to clean with a moist cloth

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