Cameleon C XL

slim / industrial look / step material choice

Cameleon C XL, glass stair for companies


In companies and professional spaces the Cameleon C XL seduces the visitors, and in most cases with a lot of success, thanks to his modest elegance. However, modest? With all his possibilities of personalisation you really cannot call the Cameleon C XL modest.

You choose the material we put in the steps: glass, wood, stone or aluminium. But you can also put the same material in the steps as you have already on the floor.

You like some color? We can lacquer your Cameleon C XL.

The stringers as well as parts of the steps are made of aluminium. De hard top top layer (anodisation) protects the stair against scratches and makes it easy to maintain.

As an option the Cameleon C XL can be closed at the back with a plate of plexi or aluminium.

Wooden stair in the showroom from Gaverzicht in Deerlijk

Gaverzicht ordered an empty Cameleon C XL, a wide staircase. After installation they filled up the treads with the same wood as the parquet on the first floor.

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Large stair at Boréal in Brussels

In the entrance hall of the Boréal building there is a Graah staircase. The building has an octoplex elevator system but still our customer wanted to have an eye-catcher and at the same time a functional staircase in order to connect the ground floor with the first floor. In the metal columns we had to put extra reinforcements, all calculated by our own engineering office. The employees of the bank BNP Paribas Fortis are very happy that they can use our Cameleon C XL to go to the next level.

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Natural stone stair at Crealab in Kortrijk

The West-Flemish Innovation Centre and the Innovation Center of Courtrai decided to start a creativity center, together. And our staircase had to support the mission of innovation.

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Large glass staircase Project CameleonXL1

In this spacious hall, our wide aluminum staircase is a real eye-catcher which fully comes into its own. The balustrades and steps are made in glass and the steps are illuminated with LED, making it even lighter.

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  • height 50 to 60 mm, depending on the filling
  • possible fillings: glass, wood, stone, aluminium or your own material
  • depth 275 mm, width maximum 1500 mm


  • massif aluminium
  • 300 x 10 mm

the combination:

  • construction made to measure
  • maximum 500 kg/m²
  • can easily be lacquered
  • scratch resistant
  • easy to clean with a moist cloth


  • can be combined with balustrades made out of stainless steel, aluminium-glass or full glass

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