Concorde XL

solid / vigorius / robust

Concorde XL, aluminium company stair


The Concorde XL looks in a provocative way to his visitors. He is afraid of nobody. And still, seen from the front, the Concorde XL looks very light. We notice the elegance which is so typical for all Graah products.

Thanks to the integrated antiskid, the Concorde XL takes good care of his users. And they can be numerous because very often he is placed in a showroom or in the middle of the entrance hall of a company.

The stringers as well as the steps ar 100% made of aluminium. De hard top top layer (anodisation) protects the stair against scratches and makes it easy to maintain.

As an option the Concorde XL can be closed at the back with a plate of plexi or aluminium.

Large company stair Concorde XL at Proshop

The group Lambert has shops all over Wallonie, Brussels and Belgium. They sell products to professional painters. For their shop in Gembloux they decided to take a Concorde XL staircase from Graah because they wanted a very strong and very light looking staircase at the same time.

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Large company stair Concorde XL in the hospital ZOL

Central in the entrance hall of the hospital Zuid-Oost-Limburg a Concorde XL staircase is welcoming the visitors. Every day hunderds of people use the staircase. No problem for an aluminium Graah staircase. The hard anodisation top protects the steps against scratches, much better than a laquered stair. Width of this super solid stair = 1,8 meter with only two 10 mm thick stringers.

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Large company stair Concorde XL at Okey

The furniture company Verberckmoes decided to open a seperate shop for outdoor furniture in Temse. They preferred the Concorde XL stair because this is a very large and strong stair but transparant at the same time. After many years of intensive use you can barely see that the stairs are not brand new, thanks to the protective anodisation treatment we give to all our stairs.

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  • front 10 and at the back 60 mm section
  • depth 300 mm, width maximum 1800 mm


  • massif aluminium
  • 300 x 10 mm

the combination:

  • construction made to measure
  • maximum 500 kg/m²
  • scratch resistant
  • easy to clean with a moist cloth


  • can be combined with balustrades made out of stainless steel, aluminium-glass or full glass

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