References - spontaneous reactions from customers

References - spontaneous reactions from customers

Waarom kunnen alle vakmannen niet zo goed zijn als jij!!!

Heel sociaal in de omgang en vakwerk afleveren. De ideale combinatie.

Philippe en Marielle Deneve (Roosdaal - BE) - link to this project

Plaatsing is zeer goed verlopen. Complimenten aan Niels voor zijn professionele aanpak en de nodige voorzichtigheid tijdens de plaatsing. De trap is echt mooi. Zijn zeer tevreden. Bedankt voor het vertrouwen.

Rudy Corten (Geel - BE) - link to this project

Oprechte dank!! Precies wat we zochten!

Curd Gauwe (Zelzate - BE) - link to this project

Merci pour ce gentil message. Sachez que le plaisir est partagé !

Encore merci pour votre savoir-faire et bon succès pour vos projets futurs.

N’oubliez pas de m’envoyer au autocollant avec vos coordonnées que je mettrai en bas de l’escalier et que mes clients puissent voir votre nom. J’espère pouvoir participer à faire votre publicité !

Eliard Béatrice - Châteaux de Wanfercée (BE) - link to this project

My experience was superb.

We have 4 landings as you can see from the website and the work was finished to an exceptional standard. Was really impressed to see that each worker took pride in the finished stairs.

Is the centre piece of our house and very proud that we have this as well as finding Graah who could do this for us.

Chris Edward (Luxemburg - LU) - link to this project

Hele mooie trap, Frank We zijn content ! Alleen maar positieve commentaren so far ! groet !

Christian Snoeckx (Borgerhout - BE)

Finally - the staircase is installed, the junk laying around has been reduced to the point that I can move it out of the frame - and the weather is cooperating. Here are a few shots of the staircase that, from beginning to end, took over a year to plan, build and install.

Initially, this was somewhat unexpected, but now the staircase is one of the focal points of the house.

GVB (San Francisco - US) - link to this project

In de wolken met het uitstekende werk van Graah!!!

Topservice geleverd door topmensen.

Ilse Christiaens en Jorg De Raes - Ledekerke

Unique staircases with a special design

We manufacture unique designer staircases that contain not too much and not too little. This principle allows engineered designs for which there is nothing comparable on the rest of the market. We don’t imitate, we invent.

The base of our staircases is anodised aluminum. Our goal is to continually develop stairs that can be installed in the most diverse interiors, ranging from very modern and contemporary to more classical and even rustic.

We set the bar very high for our designs. We develop staircases that are both durable and timeless, our ultimate goal is to bring a considerable added value into your projects.

The mission of Graah

we create
aluminium stairs
timeless, sustainable and unique
designed to please you

Our mission in brief

We clearly put the accent on the creation, on the design and on the development of stairs, stairs in aluminium. And that's our speciality; in this we are unique.
Timelessness and sustainability are very important. Our models fit in all kinds of interiors, hyper modern or even rather classical.
Without products loved by potential customers, it doesn't make sense. So it's our mission to "spoil" our customers.