Graah ???


Inventing a name is not easy and it can take some time. Two main principles had to be respected. We wanted to use our own language and we wanted to express an ambience rather than functionality. But what does Graah mean?

We asked ourselves why we are making stairs, why our customers want to buy our stairs, why, why, … The central element seemed to be: like. We like creating stairs. Our customers buy our stairs because they like them. We also like to talk about it.

'Like' means in Dutch 'graag'. It's like 'gladly' in English, 'volontiers' in French and 'gern' in German. We decided to use the Dutch word and not the English or Latin or whatever translation of it. But then we adapted the word a little bit. We changed the last g by an h because we wanted to add an element of authenticity to our name. We are based in West-Flanders and so we have difficulties in pronouncing the "h" and the "g" in the right way. People of other provinces in Flanders tend to make jokes about it. And so we took the name "graah". A West-Flemish Englishmen could translate it as "hladly".

If you draw a line above the name and one under the name you become a climbing stair. If you write graah on the first line and graah on the second line, connecting the top of the "h" with the bottom of the "g" you become clear steps.

So we make stairs, aluminium stairs (which is quiet unique in a world of steel and wooden stairs). And that's what we want to do. That's what we do graah!

It's designed to please you!


graah uitleg naam