a young brand with a long tradition

we create
aluminium stairs
timeless, sustainable and unique
designed to please you

our mission in brief

We clearly put the accent on the creation, on the design and on the development of stairs, stairs in aluminium. And that's our speciality; in this we are unique.
Timelessness and sustainability are very important. Our models fit in all kinds of interiors, hyper modern or even rather classical.
Without products loved by potential customers, it doesn't make sense. So it's our mission to "spoil" our customers.

Graah ???

People buy our stairs because they like them.
We create stairs because we like doing it.
And we love talking about them.
And so the key element of our company happens to be 'graag' which is Dutch for 'Gladly'. We changed the second g by an h as an expression of our West-Flemish identity. The pronunciation of the g and the h will always be a major problem for us.
You want to learn more about the birth of our name, then just click here.

in the middle of the house - in the middle of life

People consider a Graah staircase as an object. They want to put it in the middle of their house. And this way the staircase becomes a silent witness, very modest, of the daily life of the people living in that house.
In our future photography we will clearly refer to this reality. We are planning to make pictures - with a lot of emotions - with the Graah staircase as a central element in the life of its owners, of the inhabitants of the house. Leave your email adress here; so we can keep you informed about our future campaigns.

the functioning of Graah

Graah focusses on design, development and production of stairs, landings and balustrades.
The basic element of our stairs is the use of extruded profiles in aluminium. This approach has a lot of advantages:
- standardized production,
- constant quality,
- short delivery terms,
- larger quantities at short term are possible,
- very soon our stairs will be CE-approved (an obligation for all metal stairs).

For the design we work together with external designers. They provide us with a fresh and new input and they apply elements from other industries and production methods. Also nature and the human body are a source of inspiration. All methods are ok as long as we we recognize our mission in the final product.

For the sale of our products we work together with a growing network of independant distributors, in and outside Belgium.

a little technical - used materials

You want more information about the materials we use? Just click here.