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Do you share our passion for design of unique staircase solutions? Don't hesitate and contact us.

For the sale of our products we work together with a growing network of independant distributors, in and outside Belgium.

We offer them an extensive support: pictures, brochures, marketing actions towards architects and end consumers, support on fairs, the generation of leads, training (technical, commercial, ...), ...

The collaboration goes quiet easy:

- The distributor measures on site and he fills out a standardized form.
- With this form we have all the information we need to put the staircase into production.
- The distributor comes to pick up the ordered goods or we send them by external transport.
- The distributor installs the staircase project.

Distributors choose the Graah stairs because they are unique and they have an excellent price-quality rating.
Those who make stairs themselves are happy to see the pressure in their own workplace melt away. They can focus on their customer and on sales.
But before we start up a commercial relationship we want to be sure about and have to be convinced of the professionalism of a new distributor. It already starts with taking the good measurements, a delicat job and not always that easy, to be done by a real staircase man or woman.